12.10.2019 – Dekadent, Altar Of I, Hellcrawler + 1

Event Details

DEKADENT (Ljubljana, Slo)
Black Metal

DEKADENT is a representation of individual expression, based on the foundations of extreme metal music. Not limited by any musical genre, the art of Dekadent does not avoid tasting the beauty and splendor of melody and exploiting it’s emotional vastness. It is not corrupted by the ideals of commercialism as it stands true to creativity and originality no matter the mainstream or public criteria.


ALTAR OF I (Klagenfurt, Aut)
Melodic Death Metal

In a world where people pray to faceless gods and obey rules given from above, all in the name of gods with changing names, it is time to realize who the real gods are, namely everyone of us. Everyone of us is their own master. It is on you to make up rules that conform with your view of the world. It is on you to decide which way you want to go. It is on you if you want to be a part of society. People claim religion unites people but all it does is disconnect people. Be a leader not a follower. Your body is your altar as it contains your soul and mind. Take care of it and listen to it. You are your own god. The ´I´ in you is who you should pray to as it is the center of your own personality.
All members have year long experience in bands and different genres. We don´t aim to create something “new“ or “never-been-done-before“ but rather concentrate on music that simply sounds good and contains everything the members like in music; thus it should be loud and heavy and contain melodic, brutal, old and new sounds, in other words we like to play METAL. Some might call it Melodic Death, Modern Metal, Metalcore or whatever genre that pops up every year. We want to call it Metal because it has got everything that in our opinion defines that genre and we think that it is on the listener to define what we are for them. In the end, we are not here to make anybody happy but ourselves.


HELLCRAWLER (Nova Gorica, Slovenia) Death punk

Dwelling among the debris of the whore capital of Western Slovenia, Hellcrawler are a bunch of cynical wasteland denizens who found unsavory panacea in the symbiosis of punk violence, stoner atmosphere and heavy riffage. Their soundtrack to the demise of humankind is a motorized assault of old school death metal and d-beat which reflects their major source of inspiration, the decaying aesthetic of post apocalyptic and grindhouse cinematography.


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